Combing Glass

السبت، 2 أبريل 2016

ombing glass is an exceptionally stimulating kiln shaping process.  Glass is directed by warming it up to a softening high temperature and then using an extended stainless steel device to rake over the glass.  This activity is usually executed in a dragging movement.  This activity merges and streaks the tints all together into a unique pattern.

Organize the glass and necessary materials for the process.  Be certain that all the glass possesses the same COE (coefficient of expansion).  The glass should be washed and dry previous to starting.  Pile the glass a few layers thick or they can be placed parallel and glued jointly.  Diverse hues react differently to high temperatures.  Make comments of all that has transpired throughout the firing.

Follow all of the safety procedures, like having on safety apparel.  Wear natural fiber clothes for this adventure.  Synthetic material can cause severe burns if melted.  Shielding green welder’s glasses should be on to guard eyes from the infrared rays of the kiln.  These should be put on whenever opening the kiln.

A container of cool water ought to be nearby to dip the hot rake in after raking the glass.  Make certain the pot is large enough to hold and support the tool if need be.

The kiln shelf or supporting tray must be covered with up to nine or more coats of shelf primer.  This primer breaks down in high heat, so place additional layers.  Fiber board can also be used to shield the shelf.  Don’t use thin fire for this function, as the paper  disintegrates in soaring heat and can adhere to the glass.

When the glass has been warmed up to approximately 1250 degrees Fahrenheit, permit the pieces to hold at that approximate temperature for roughly 20 minutes before going on to further heat the glass.  It needs to reach a temperature of around 1640 degrees Fahrenheit depending on the COE of your precise glass.  When the glass has reached a molten stage, shut off the oven.  Wearing all the protective clothing open the kiln lid.  Barely rake through the upper layer of the glass, as combing any deeper might disturb the shelf primer under the glass.  The raking needs to be done fast before the glass cools.  If the substance starts to cool before the procedure is completed, shut the unit and turn the unit back on to heat up the glass.

Submerge the combing tool in water if required and towel dry before continuing any additional combing.  When glass sticks to the raking tool in the process, pick up the tool slightly and permit the molten glass to cool off before taking the tool out of the kiln.  If contented with the results continue to the final steps.  If needing further rakingFind Article, close back up the unit and turn it back on.  Allow the glass to reheat again before resuming the combing deed again.

The finished piece can be flash vented to approximately 1100 degrees Fahrenheit.  This feat will prevent some additional change and to elude devitrification to develop on the glass.  The annealing period must to be extended before allowing the glass to resume to room temperature.  Let the finished piece to cool down less than 100 degrees Fahrenheit before opening the kiln.
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