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السبت، 2 أبريل 2016

Glass blocks, often referred to as glass bricks, are an architectural material. They are completely made of glass. Since their development in the early 1900s they have been put to use, sometimes solely and many times combined, with other materials for building purposes.

Glass blocks or glass bricks, as they're acknowledged, are architectural materials. The building blocks are totally glass. They are used since the advent of twentieth century for construction requirements both solely and in association with many other materials. Glass blocks have been extensively used in offices as well as in homes. A few of the prominent instances are windows, walls that is not bearing any load, bathrooms, office cubicles and others. Glass blocks can be clear, opalescent or tinted in their many prototypes. They help to decorate the places where they are used besides serving as building material. Glass windows which become dysfunctional can be used as light sources.

While going for constructing something, a definite concept about what to be developed is critical as in case of glass blocks, they find a number of uses. Choosing proper material for building purpose is an additional task. Now if we take up the case of glass blocks being used for kitchen fittings, bathing room showers or bar accessories then one must have the design finalized at the first place. Now 8” X 8” X 3 1/4” blocks are likely to be used to make skinniest element of anything including curved kitchens, or in case there is bathroom showers one can have coloured glass blocks or frosted glass. They can be found in different patterns. Either something totally new is done out of 6”x6”x4” blocks or they are used in reconstruction purposes. It beautifies greatly when they're used in 12” X 12” X 4” masonry units. They are often available in patterns likes Argus, Clear, Wave, Vue, Flemish etc. In case a wall, a window or a shower needs to be built, the 8”x8”x4” blocks will be the required ones being cheap and also easily found. Due to the fact that their cost of production per square foot is low, they are available at reduced costs in the market. The designs in which they are offered include Decora, Icescapes, Wave, Iceberg and others. They were just a few of the hundred forms of blocks available.

In this competitive market, the companies have come up with several new kinds of glasses due to development and refinement in glass manufacturing procedures which makes it possible for the manufacturer to make glasses like the Sun-Ban reflecting glasses. These glasses maintain inside cool and thereby reducing the cost of operating an Air-conditioning machine. They arm your house parts against UV rays from the sun.

Businesses today are providing consultancy services and assistance relating to using various kinds of glass blocks apart from selling them. AdditionallyScience Articles, they offer appropriate tips regarding fittings. Offices and homes can be furnished by such glass blocks to a large extent. Having a ideal home is a matter of perspective and gives a lot of satisfaction to the owner.
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