Why Collect Art Glass?

الاثنين، 4 أبريل 2016

Ironically, I was asked this question recently. My first reaction was to wonder just how this person could be so naive. Then I realized that many people who don't collect glass may be naive when it comes to understanding he fascination that we art glass collectors share.

There are definitely many different reasons that each person collects art glass, but the one thing we all have in common is the pure appreciation of artistic perfection. Just looking at some pieces, for example from Charles Lotton, inspires awe in the sheer beauty of the work.

Another obvious reason is that beautiful art glass certainly enhances any decor. From adding additional colors to an otherwise neutral-colored room to showcasing favorite pieces, art glass can provide the finishing touches for any room in your home or office.

A very important reason to collect art glass is for investment. Quality art glass by artists who have established themselves as keystones in the industry increases in value over time (sometimes much more reliably than the stock market). I have some pieces in my personal collection that have increased thousands of dollars. In addition to collecting established artists, keep your eyes open for the up-and-coming glass artists. Initially, their prices are generally less expensive; and as they begin to establish themselves in the industryFind Article, the prices of their pieces rise accordingly.
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