Tempered glass مقالة بالإنجليزية عن الزجاج المقوى

الأربعاء، 8 أكتوبر 2014

Installing tempered glass is becoming more and more of a requirement than a luxury. A lot of housing councils require that this material is used for the windows houses. Also,
installing it for windows adds more security to the house and prevents break-ins. Therefore many tradespeople are required to locate tempered glass suppliers near them to do business.
It is very important for tradespeople to ensure that they choose the correct supplier to ensure that their business sees a nice profit margin and also the job can be completed successfully. To make the right choice, a check list should be drawn up to list down some important criteria that you would want the tempered glass suppliers to have. There should Be four different lists. These are the strength, weakness, opportunity and threats. This list can be used to help you get hold of the best out there.
When analyzing the strengths of whoever's available, you should look into their their production turnaround time, cost of delivery, manufacturing capability and the complexity limitation. This generally sums up the strength analysis when choosing.
The next step is analyzing their weaknesses. This is because your ability to install it can be limited by the weakness of the suppliers. Weakness could be described as production limitation, turnaround time, complexity limitation, manufacturing capacity and also limited experience. When choosing your suppliers, you would want to avoid these as much as possible.
You should also list down the opportunities that might arise by doing business with certain ones. The benefits may come in the form of lower prices, access to more clients, loyalty discounts or even joint ventures into certain fields. There are many possible opportunities that can be gained if you select the right one.
Lastly you should draw up a list of all threats that might occur to your company if you engage with some of them. This might be in the form of loss of clients, loss of reputation, being cheated, losing income because of slow production and many other threats that might occur by choosing the wrong supplier.
Once the analysis on tempered glass suppliers are completed, you can then begin to initiate plans and discussions about engaging with the chosen tempered glass suppliers. However, to get the best value out of these companies, you should ask them to give a quote so that you can compare the best price and subsequently select the cheapest tempered glass supplier available.
It is important that you choose the right tempered glass suppliers for the future of your business. Hence, the suggested analysis can do wonders to help you choose.
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