Glass firewall is fireproof glass that provides protection

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Glass firewall is fireproof glass that provides protection to, for example, a house or a building in case of a fire, by activating the passive protection system. Glass firewall is built to divide the building into separate fire areas to restrict the fire from spreading.

Glass wall is used to enhance the aesthetic factor and allow light to enter into the area. A glass firewall is made of glass but have fire protection characteristics as prescribed by the governing regulatory agency.

Firewall is an assemblage of materials used to prevent fire from spreading for a prescribed period of time. A typical firewall extends from the foundation through the roof or the floor of the structure. The firewall must display strong structural stability, in the event of building collapse during a fire. A firewall comes with fire-resistant rating that ensures enhanced fire protection.

A firewall is different from fire barrier wall. A firewall runs from bottom to top, while fire barriers wall or fire partition continues from wall to wall in the exterior and does not offer structural support on the other side. True firewalls and fire partitions are two types of firewalls.

Glass firewalls are of two varieties:fire-protective and fire-resistive types. The former protects against flames and smoke during a fire, while the latter provides similar protection however it also blocks transfer of radiant and conductive heat during fires.

Fire-protective wall is suitable where the building code allows open-protective type assemblies. Its fire ratings are applicable under area and size limitations recommended by relevant regulatory agency. The fire-resistive type is made of many inter-layers of glass and fire-resistive material having fire rating range as prescribed by the governing authority. Fire-ratings refers to the time that the glass firewall should be able to withstand the effects of a fire. Some regulatory agencies prescribe anything between 20 minutes to 4 hours.On the other side (non-fire side) of the glass wall, it should be able to withstand temperature of 250 deg Fahrenheit, according to the regulatory agency. The wall is also tested for thermal shock from fire hose and sprinklers.

Draft openings in windows, doors, balconies, roof overhanging, chimney, fireplace, etc. must be blocked so that fire does not penetrate through. The openings have to be constructed in such a way that these stay intact like the rest of the wall, in the condition of a building collapse. Sometimes, double wall designis required; however though planned draft openings are possible, it may be a difficult task. Brandv¤gg that are between two buildings are not allowed to have openings.

Finally, both fireproof glasv¤ggar and glass firewall have mechanical resistance features that are able to withstand the heat and hot gases in a fire. The difference is in that glass firewall will also guarantee thermal insulation on the side exposed to the fire. This the highest class of fire protection.It is the maximum level of fire resistance offered by partitioning components, like glass diving walls, glass panes, glass doors and windows.
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