mirror house

الثلاثاء، 29 مارس 2016

Mirror can sometime create interesting spaces especially in small space. It is  a very popular material used by many Japanese architects to deal with light, illusion, and reflection
santambrogiomilano: glass house series


the transparent housing concepts by milano-based santambrogiomilano are designed to be built almost anywhere around the world and allow the inhabitant to be completely immersed in nature. every component of the dwellings, except for the ground floor, is composed of structural  glass pieces. the ‘snow house,’ as the name implies, would be
 located in colder climates and is constructed of thicker panes capable of withstanding larger loads, namely from the snow, and will help insulate the interior. with the touch of a button, the special glass panels instantly turn matte for privacy, and sliding curtains make it possible

 to further close off specific rooms. the ‘cliff house’ on the other hand contains thinner lighter glass elements as there are no external forces acting upon the structure. elevated over a thin bed of water, the dwelling lets the owner feel as though floating above the ocean seen in the horizon. not meant for dense urban areas, these residences create somewhat of an invisible enclosure that exposes a 360-degree view of the immediate environment. a strict modular grid of transparent columns and beams allows the houses to become flexible in size accommodating the individual’s needs

glasshouse_02 glasshouse_04