The Many Advantages to Using Mosaic Glass Tiles in Kitchen and Bath

السبت، 2 أبريل 2016

Their ability to reflect light is unsurpassed. Many natural building materials absorb light rather than 
reflect it. Glass is the only natural material that shines in the dark. Pictures dating back thousands of years have been composed of mosaic tiles. Mosaic glass tilescome in a variety of patterns. Some are composed of shades of the same color sometimes broken by white. They can be composed of complementary or contrasting color tiles. Others are more subtle with the same main color and shadings of other colors. The arrangement of the tiles may be simple or complex. They can provide a serene background with shades of the same color blending or become the focal point of the room. There are many advantages to using mosaic glass tiles in the kitchen and bath

Glass tiles are the material of choice for people with allergies, asthma or other sensitivities. Their slick surface is an inhospitable place for mold, mildew and bacteria to grow. This is why they are so popular for applications in damp environments such as baths, kitchen counters and back splashes. They are easily cleaned with glass cleaner so do not require the use of harsh chemicals that can set off asthmatic reactions

Mosaic glass tiles ability to reflect back light makes rooms they are used in appear brighter and more spacious. This makes them perfect for use in naturally dark baths or kitchens. The wide range of colors and patterns makes them the ideal choice for those with creative flair. It also makes them very versatile for many applications and does not relegate them to one particular room. Glass tiles are very low maintenance and easy to care for. Simply clean the tiles with window cleaner to restore the shine. They provide a durable, nonporous surface that resists water. They do not stain as ceramic tile does. Mosaic glass tiles do not fade or scratch and can withstand harsh temperatures. It is no wonder they are such a popular choice for rooms that must withstand moistureBusiness Management Articles, sunlight and fluctuating temperatures
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