Bent Glass Type

الأربعاء، 9 أكتوبر 2019

Bent Glass Type

The last 3 decadesµ have seen a rise in the increased and more imaginative use of glass to make up the majority of the outer surface area of new office buildings. This can create a spectacular effect, and advances in the strength, tinting and coloring of external glass means that privacy and design possibilities are not compromised. The use of glass, particularly in the last decade has been extended to the office interior. There has been a quest to create a division of office space for specific functions and roles but not to compromise the benefits offered by an open plan look and feel to the office interior. Toughened glass has proved to be an ideal medium to help achieve the balance between aesthetics, safety, robust functionality, and affordability for the end buyer. What sort of features therefore make up the perfect glass internal office?

Clever Use of Partitions
Creating this type of internal office effectively involves the imaginative use of glass office partitions. These are generally made of 10mm or 12mm toughened glass panels and doors. Doors made of other materials such as wooden veneered doors can also be combined with the panels if required. For particularly clean lines, and to create a completely clear look to the office frameless glass doors can be fitted.

The transparency, aesthetics and clear lines of the glass partitions can be enhanced by the use of clear silicone or a clear glazing gasket between the panels. Also the whole structure can be made to blend more softly in with its surroundings by the use subtle and unobtrusive slim tracks at the top and bottom. Since these are aluminium they have the advantage of being able to take colours. These colours can be matched to any BS or other recognised colours and thus can be made to fit in perfectly with their surroundings, and perhaps to provide a soft blending of the edges of the partitions with the solid walls that they are attached to.

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